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    Best Murals to see in Nashville!

      I Believe in Nashville 2702 12th Avenue South   Green Pea Salon 2900 12th Avenue South & right across from the salon, we found this!   Draper James 2608 12th…

  • grand canyon
    Americas Travel

    Exploring Grand Canyon

    Exploring Grand Canyon for the day, here was my view from the south rim! While exploring Grand Canyon, it was cold, the tour guide gave me this oh so cute blanket…

  • san juan puerto rico
    Americas Travel

    San Juan Puerto Rico

    I wanted to go to San Juan Puerto Rico solely for the beach views and because I have never been before. I didn’t do much as far as adventures or even look…

  • places to see in washington dc
    Americas Travel

    Places to see in Washington, DC

    My 2 days in Washington, DC consisted of people watching, big bus tour, monument sightings, and food!! I will share my adventure mainly through photos! Here are places to see in…

  • honolulu hawaii
    Americas Travel

    Honolulu, Hawaii

    This is my first trip to Honolulu, Hawaii! Excited to explore Honolulu, Hawaii, the last 15 minutes of the flight, were the longest 15 minutes of my LIFE! I was so excited!…

  • Jamaica bobsled in mystic mountain
    Americas Travel

    Jamaica Bobsled in Mystic Mountain

    Jamaica Bobsled in Mystic Mountain Rainforest Adventures Mystic Mountain in Ocho Rios is the heart and soul of the Jamaica rain forest activities! You’ll have ample opportunities to put on your…

  • san diego
    Americas Travel

    San Diego

    I had the opportunity to go on a mini trip to San Diego, California for the first time. Looked through different flights and found a cheap deal that I could not miss…

  • cozumel mexico
    Americas Travel

    Mexico Cruise

    This was our first cruise together, as a couple. My second cruise, his first, but our first together. He wanted to visit the Bahamas, but since I had already visited the…