• places to see in washington dc
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    Places to see in Washington, DC

    My 2 days in Washington, DC consisted of people watching, big bus tour, monument sightings, and food!! I will share my adventure mainly through photos! Here are places to see in…

  • honolulu hawaii
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    Honolulu, Hawaii

    This is my first trip to Honolulu, Hawaii! Excited to explore Honolulu, Hawaii, the last 15 minutes of the flight, were the longest 15 minutes of my LIFE! I was so excited!…

  • Liebster Award
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    Liebster Award

    WOW! I have been nominated for Liebster Award. This is my second blogging award this month and I am really excited. Thank you, Shashi (Scribblesnpebbles) for nominating me for this award.…

  • Jamaica bobsled in mystic mountain
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    Jamaica Bobsled in Mystic Mountain

    Jamaica Bobsled in Mystic Mountain Rainforest Adventures Mystic Mountain in Ocho Rios is the heart and soul of the Jamaica rain forest activities! You’ll have ample opportunities to put on your…

  • the lights fest
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    The Lights Fest

    The Lights Fest What happens when you combine thousands of families, friends, foodies, with live music, dancing, and an eruption of Sky Lanterns? – Welcome to The Lights Fest. The Lights Fest…

  • Blog Journey Blogging

    Blogger Recognition Award

    I feel extremely honored to have my first nomination for the Blogger Recognition Award! This is not only meaningful because it is my first award, but it is an award for…

  • san diego
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    San Diego

    I had the opportunity to go on a mini trip to San Diego, California for the first time. Looked through different flights and found a cheap deal that I could not miss…

  • Blogging

    The 6 Basic Steps to Start a Blog

    These are the main steps we’ll cover. I’ll walk you right through each step on the 6 basic steps to start a blog. 1. Decide what to blog about. 2. Choose a…